The Demon Cat

G, PG-13, R

2023 CCPA Best IP Awards 
Approaching 350,000 views on the CCC webcomic platform
Blending traditional culture with fantasy adventure
Having experienced bad luck all his life, a teenager has a car accident and comes across a demon cat running for his life. The two decide to join forces to achieve their goals, yet the ensuing journey will turn their lives upside down, and will even slowly reveal a secret in the village!?
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Uei-Shiang Ltd.
Publication Date
Jul, 2022
Volume/ Episode
3 (ongoing)
148x210mm/ 198 pages/ paperback
978-986-50-5269-0, 978-986-50-5314-7
Che-Hsin is constantly caught up in misfortune. One day, a car accident leads to him coming across a cat demon running for his life. He has no choice but to let the cat demon take control of his body in order to stay alive. Surprisingly, however, his luck takes a 180° turn—not only is good fortune on his side now, he also becomes immensely popular at school.
The good luck the demon cat brings him has a price though. One day, he meets a strange boy on the road, who keeps following him and saying, "Play with me." What's more, he pulls out a mysterious, magical tool from a mark on Che-Hsin's wrist. What is the boy up to? How should Che-Hsin regain control over his body? How many untold secrets will the demon cat's presence reveal?
An average boy and an enigmatic demon cat partner together on an adventure. Inspired by Taiwan's folk beliefs, Aliyo builds a fantasy world with exhilarating action scenes to deliver a story of supernatural creatures rooted in the dark side of human nature.
Selling Points
(1) Local customs
(2) Inspiring fantasy
Awards& Ranking
2023 2nd Best IP Awards – Character Development Award, 2022 13th Golden Comic Award – Comic of the Year
Rights Sold
French(, e-book), Japanese(ComicWalker, e-book)
About the Author
This comic artist, Aliyo, who previously published "The Moon Boy" on Comico, has always held a desire to create a comic specifically for youngsters.
( Facebook: AliyoAliyoAliyoAliyo)
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Uei-Shiang Ltd.
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