Liuli and Knight


Introducing Yi-Huan's latest girl comic!
"Even in a world abandoned by the gods, I remain by your side."

With a talent for character dynamics and subtle details, the author expertly captures the subtle nuances of facial expressions. The story takes place against the backdrop of Central and North Asia, focusing on the three main characters. While the plot is sad and dark, the illustrations convey romantic and allegorical tales of pure love.



Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Dec, 2022
Volume/ Episode
1 (ongoing)
128x182mm/ 176 pages/ paperback
The Khan sent out ghost knights to kidnap villagers to find the girl of the legend whose tears turned into gold. As a ghost knight, Urtalak found the girl named Liuli, and their meeting changed each other's fate. Their encounter marked the beginning of an unbelievable love story in a land of exotic beauty and mystery.
Selling Points
(1) Love story
(2) Fables
About the Author
Having previously worked as a comic editor, Yi-Huan switched careers after winning a contest with her submission. She debuted with "Xuan He Love" and licensed "The Real Princess" to Thailand in 2002. Continuing to create works that touch upon BL and other genres, her latest work is "Liuli and Knight."
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Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
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Bill Fan (Vice President)