My Assistant Boyfriend


Loyal younger assistant and love-lacking playful internet celebrity
They were fated to be together after several chance encounters with the "perfect match" that they had never noticed before.

The world view of this work was based on the author's previous licensed work in Thailand, My Online-Celebrity Boyfriend. Still, this story takes an entirely different direction, with one side of the relationship being more straightforward and the other being more heavy-hearted. Despite the protagonist's slowness and the other protagonist's quietness, they eventually realize their feelings for each other after ten long years. This BL work is worth taking a closer look!



Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Apr, 2023
Volume/ Episode
1 (ongoing)
128x182mm/ 160 pages/ paperback
978-626-34-7805-3, 978-626-37-2190-6
Ivan, the massively popular internet celebrity with over a million followers, initially knew his personal assistant Takeshi as his college junior. However, as fate would have it, their connection goes back even further, all thanks to an old photo that had remained hidden until recently. After three coincidental encounters, a decade-long unrequited love story unfolds, with the twist of a "reverse" love affair.
Selling Points
(1) The artwork is stunning, on par with renowned Japanese comic artists.
(2) The story strikes a perfect balance between heart-wrenching tragedy and lighthearted humor.
(3) The R-rated scenes are sensually charged and highly satisfying.
Awards& Ranking
(1) 2023 2nd Best IP Awards – The Most Popular IP Award in the Comic Category
(2) Over 10,000 sales for each volume
(3) 2nd Place in the Popular Comic Books in December 2022 on
(4) 5th Place in the Popular Comic Books in December 2022 on Kingstone Online Bookstore
Rights Sold
Japanese, Thai and Korean version in progress
About the Author
A rising star among Taiwanese comic artists, her official debut was with Tong Li Publishing's electronic magazine "TOUCH+." Gui's beautiful art style and strong storytelling ability make her works relevant to modern trends. She has successfully accumulated sales of over 10,000 copies with her commercial assignments, and her previous work, "My Online-Celebrity Boyfriend" has been licensed to many countries.
Copyright Ownership
Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Copyright Contact
Bill Fan (Vice President)