Touch Practice


Mae's latest BL work, released two years after the award-winning "The Monster of Memory" in the Golden Comic Awards, has been serialized with Japan's Take Shobo since March 2022, receiving a favorable response. As the plot unfolds, the number of fans multiplies, making it a viral serialized work. 

With the unique setting of "angle people" with fantasy elements, a focus on delicate character emotions, and an irregular narrative rhythm, readers are drawn into the characters' feelings and their gradually warming romantic relationship.



Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Mar, 2023
Volume/ Episode
1 (ongoing)
128x182mm/ 192 pages/ paperback
The protagonist, Jing You, has a unique characteristic of disliking physical touch. Despite living a typical high school life, his life takes a turn after witnessing a scene of intimacy between his classmate and another person. Following this incident, Jing You's body transforms, and he grows horns, leading to a series of strange occurrences.
Selling Points
(1) Beautiful love story
(2) Fantasy
(3) Meticulous drawing
(4) Handsome character
Awards& Ranking
Ranked #1 in online sales on launch day at Kingstone Bookstore and
Rights Sold
Japanese, Thai
About the Author
A Taiwanese comic artist with a best-selling work, "The Monster of Memory," has sold over 10,000 copies and collaborated with multiple industries. Her latest work, "Touch Practice," has been serialized since 2022 and has received a very positive response from readers. The single edition is also a bestseller, and the work is serialized simultaneously in Japan.
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Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
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Bill Fan (Vice President)