After the massacre of the Yan's Beijing Opera troupe 30 years ago, the only survivor Yan Tie-Hua, then 15, was imprisoned and died in jail ten years ago. Yet now, someone identical to Yan Tie-Hua from 30 years ago has appeared, claiming to be her. What truths will be uncovered from the massacre?

Follow the transformation of an opera performer into a powerful superhero as a mysterious tech corporation harboring advanced robots and bio-humans threatens to wreak havoc on Taipei, bringing the city to its knees in its greatest peril to date.



Dala Publishing Company
Publication Date
Dec, 2020
Volume/ Episode
3 (END)
180x260mm/ 344 pages/ paperback
978-986-99-4960-6, 978-626-95-3320-6, 978-626-96-2669-4
In a public live broadcast of a murder, a female Peking Opera character in the scene hummed a verse, and turned around, shot and killed a congressman's son.
YAN's revenge & superhero story just began.
Rights sold for film and series.
Selling Points
(1) The movie and TV series rights have already been sold, and preparations are underway to raise funds for production.
(2) This work blends traditional theatrical elements with science fiction and mystery.
(3) The main character, Yan Tie-Hua (played by Bi Jia Wei Lai), is a one-of-a-kind Beijing Opera singer by profession but transforms into a superhero. She is also a gifted go player with the ability to see into the future.
(4) Chang Sheng's intricate and delicate character drawings showcase excellent skills.
Awards& Ranking
2022-2023 Golden Comic Awards – Comic of the Year,
2022 1st Best IP Awards – Comic Category TOP 1
Rights Sold
Italian(IF), French(Glénat), Film, TV Series
Chang Sheng(常勝)
About the Author
Born in 1968 in Taipei and graduated from the western painting track of the Fu Hsin Trade & Arts School. After graduation, Chang Sheng worked for an advertising company for fifteen years, leaving in 2002. He has been drawing comics since then. Works include "Dream Hotel," "BABY.," "OLDMAN," "THE HIDDEN LEVEL," "NINE LIVES MAN," etc. He has participated in the Louvre's comic projects and created a compilation entitled Sept rêves du Louvre. He has sold rights to publish his works in Japanese, French, Korean, English, and Italian.
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Dala Publishing Company
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