Before the End of the Game

PG-13, R

With two companions by his side, Zuo Mu's peaceful daily life is shattered instantly.
A bizarre corpse leads to an unexpected visitor in the morgue at night.
To his surprise, all the clues lead to a mysterious criminal organization responsible for creating "Rabbit." The shadows of the past quickly loom as a hunt targeting Zuo Mu silently unfolds.

The gripping plot of "Before the End of the Game" has won over readers with its beloved dual protagonist duo, who engage in thrilling mind games and deadly hunts. Readers cannot put the book down, driven by the intense desire to reach the end in one sitting. As a result of their enthusiasm, the second installment is set to release in 2023, where Zuo Mu and his team will face new and more significant challenges.

Before the End of the Game © Cao-Zi-Xin / Hibi / Mikazuki


Mikazuki Publishing
Publication Date
May, 2020
Volume/ Episode
6 (END)
148x210mm/ 256 pages/ paperback
978-986-36-1845-4, 978-986-36-1906-2, 978-986-36-1923-9, 978-986-06-2334-5, 978-986-06-5640-4, 978-986-07-7497-9
Pirate detective Zuo Mu accepts an unusual missing-person case, and is forced to participate a killing game host on an abandoned island. In which, he needs to find a partner from the exiled criminals first. The only way to escape this place is-Stay alive and win the Game922922.
Selling Points
(1) Combining a high-IQ detective and a paranoid criminal mastermind in "High IQ Player and Paranoid Criminal" creates an unprecedented spark between the two.
(2) The experienced author, Cao Ti-Xin, skillfully weaves an intricate plot with her precise writing style, making the story even more thrilling.
(3) The second installment is set to be released in the second half of 2023.
Awards& Ranking
2022 1st Best IP Awards – Fiction Category TOP 3,
Ranked #20 at Kingstone Bookstore and Ranked #5 at
Author: Cao-Zi-Xin(草子信)
Illustrator: Hibi(日々)
About the Author
Cao-Zi-Xin is known for her ability to think outside the box and constantly develop new and exciting story ideas. However, with so many ideas and not enough time, she often wishes she had extra hands to help her write.
Copyright Ownership
Mikazuki Publishing
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Cathy Chang (Publishing Rights Manager)