My sister is A Teenage Bone Collector

PG-13, R

"The focus of this story is not on terrifying cases but on human relationships. As a new-generation novelist, Hassengo aims to bring more light to human nature amidst the generally gloomy style of detective novels."──By the new generation Taiwanese novelist, HASSENGO.

Combining Taiwanese folklore with a mystery-solving plot, this light novel follows a brother and sister who inherit their family business and encounter bizarre events. Despite the lighthearted banter, the novel delves into profound themes of human nature.
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Sharp Point Publishing Group
Publication Date
Aug, 2019
Volume/ Episode
4 (ongoing)
145x210mm/ 384 pages/ paperback
978-957-10-8577-7, 978-957-10-8789-4, 978-957-10-8790-0, 978-957-10-9310-9
Forensic Science of the West x Traditional Customs and Beliefs of the East.
The beautiful girl whom inherited bone collecting (second burial) business that was passed down onto her, Is about to embark on a journey of solving all kinds of mysteries.
Selling Points
(1) "My Sister is a Teenage Bone Collector" contained the theme of Western forensic science and Eastern folklore beliefs.
(2) Recommended by TAICCA and 2020 Books From Taiwan.
Awards& Ranking
2022 1st Best IP Awards – Fiction Category TOP 2,
Winner of the Floating Text Rookie Award, Selected for the 2020 Books from Taiwan - Asia Special Issue
Author: HASSENGO(八千子)
Illustrator: VOFAN
About the Author
Bestselling author. HASSENGO graduated from the Department of Forensic Science at the University of Leicester in the UK.
As a recipient of the Ministry of Culture's Youth Creation Grant, his work "My Sister is a Teenage Bone Collector" has garnered the most acclaim for its unique blend of Western forensic science and Eastern folklore beliefs.
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