Divorce First, Fighting Aliens Second?

G, PG-13, R

★Winner of the 2022 Golden Comic Newcomer Award
★The author won third prize at the TAICCA Original Comics and Script Competition in 2020

Who am I kidding?! I want a divorce!!
As the wife of a superhero,
Being abducted multiple times is far from an ordinary occurrence...
From encountering aliens to a supposed secret daughter, our newlywed life becomes a thrilling rollercoaster ride! Will I be able to successfully divorce my husband, Makoto?

打怪前先離婚? ©安妮羊/長鴻出版社


Publication Date
Jan, 2021
Volume/ Episode
1 (END)
112x170mm/ 176 pages/ paperback
It's not easy being the wife of a superhero. Her husband's main specialty is fighting aliens, but his occupation means that she's often home alone and frequently keeps gets kidnapped. Fed up with the situation, she decided that enough is enough and she's going to get a divorce! However, to achieve her goal, she'll have to form an alliance with an alien, but the path to divorce doesn't seem like it's going to be quite that easy…

Hsing-chen is an ordinary office worker who is married to a superhero that fights extraterrestrial creatures. The two of them are newlyweds but somehow, she's already been kidnapped by aliens several times, plus her husband is hardly ever home because he's too busy saving the planet. Feeling unloved by her husband, she decides to take the plunge and get a divorce.

During one the of the kidnappings, Hsing-chen discovers that she is the key to her husband's superpowers, and if she successfully divorces him the aliens will be able to diminish his powers, so she and the alien end up joining forces to achieve their shared goal. She brings the alien, who is disguised as her illegitimate daughter, to negotiate with her husband. Against all odds, he completely changes his behavior and devotes himself to family life. Hsing-chen is so touched by this that she doesn't want a divorce and reneges on her decision, which provokes a huge backlash from the alien and a far greater conflict begins to unfold. Will her husband be able to save her this time? And what will happen to their marriage?

Through the novelty of the setting and the upbeat, fast-paced plot, the author delicately presents the unease and suspicion in the characters' intimate relationship, as well as the different ways that people express their respective feelings. It prompts the reader to really contemplate the best solutions for keeping an intimate relationship alive.
Selling Points
(1) Unique and captivating storyline
(2) Engaging and smooth narrative flow
(3) Surprising plot twists that add intrigue
(4) Winner of three prizes at Taiwan Creative Content Agency's 2020 Original Comic and Script Awards
Awards& Ranking
(1) 2021 San Diego Comic-Con International – Exhibited Title
(2) 2022 Ministry of Culture's 44th the recommended books for Elementary and Middle School Student
(3) 2022 TAICCA Taiwan Comic City Project – Selection (English, Japanese Version)
(4) 2022 13th Golden Comic Awards & Connection+ - Best New Talent
(5) 2022 Book to Screen – “Text with Potential for Screen Adaptation” – Comic Category
(6) 2022 Frankfurt Book Fair Taiwan Pavilion - Selection
(7) 2022 Bologna Children's Book Fair Taiwan Pavilion – Online Website - Selection
(8) 2023 Angoulême International Comics Festival Taiwan Pavilion – Recommended Comics –Selection
(9) 2023 Bologna Children's Book Fair Taiwan Pavilion – Selection
(10) 2023 2nd Best IP Awards – Comic Category – Nominated
About the Author
Aniyong is a comic creator who likes to incorporate social issues into her books while still maintaining the fun and joy of the stories, which has made her exceptionally popular with readers. She is best known for her series Divorce First, Fighting Aliens Second? and Then Comes Marriage (Again).
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