Get married after fighting against monsters!

PG-13, R

Newest title in the "Monster Bashing Series"!
What appears to be a normal day is nothing but when aliens are throw in as the backdrop, and thus creating a love story that is filled with laughter, warm feelings as well as many twists and turns!!

This is a series that no one can stop reading once started. This ain't your regular lovey-dovey love story, but a must-read entertaining masterpiece filled with humor and twists!! How are different species going to coexist, or even start a relationship? Well, see for yourselves!! 

打怪後再結婚! ©安妮羊/長鴻出版社


Publication Date
Feb, 2022
Volume/ Episode
1 (END)
112x170mm/ 176 pages/ paperback
Without enough money to pay for monthly store rent, Jen-Chuan, a down and out-of-luck tattoo artist, had no choice but to borrow money from his ex-girlfriend, Hsueh-Ping, who he used to be with in high school. Hsueh-Ping, reluctantly agrees, but only under the condition of that Jen-Chuan takes her to see the store first. Things took a strange turn though when they arrive at the store, because the store is invaded by an intruder who calls himself DingKe No.16!? What's more absurd is that this intruder is here to arrest the "Star Bandit," and Jen-Chuan is the No. 1 suspect?
Selling Points
(1) Humorous and funny
(2) Unique theme
(3) Attained three awards in the 2020 Original Comic and Script Awards hosted by Taiwan Creative Content Agency
Awards& Ranking
2023 Angoulême International Comics Festival Taiwan Pavilion – Recommended Comics – Selection
About the Author
Aniyong, the artist who had claimed three awards in the 2020 Original Comic and Script Awards held by Taiwan Creative Content Agency, specializes in creating thought-provoking yet entertaining stories told through her distinctive lovable characters, which has since become her signature. Her stories are often interlaced with current social issues, allowing the readers to become more engaged while challenging their minds to uncover the deeper meanings within her creation.
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Yen Ju Wu (Director)