It's Meal Time!! Meowow Park

G, PG-13, R

Have you seen these cats? These are the super cute little kittens that call Meowow Park their home. If you haven't seen them, let me tell you their stories through my comics.  

Combining an adorable illustration style with heartwarming and humorous story, the love and care of the author for stray cats can be felt on every page, which resonates with catlovers. 



Publication Date
May, 2022
Volume/ Episode
1 (END)
147x210mm/ 144 pages/ paperback
With only one single gaze, No.6 and Ms. J immediately fell in love with the doe-eyed "TuTu," a stray cat they come across by happenstance. From then now, there never was a minute where they don't think about the cute little thing, transforming them into faithful catlovers. As the wise man once said: "Once a catlover, always a catlover," which perfectly describes the mindsets of No.6 and Ms. J after they encountered TuTu. On this never-ending yet sweet spiral down to the cat pit, what other cats will they encounter, and what other catkeepers will they meet?
Selling Points
(1) A heartwarming production from the soul-comforting comic fanpage "Meowow Park"
(2) With TuTu taking center stage, meet nine other popular cats, such as Blackie, Shortie, Edelweiss… and many more!
(3) See how Auntie, Fatty, A-Mi, Grandma, and other professional catkeepers keep Meowow Park going strong
(4) Showcasing lovely photos of every kitty, taking a look at their cute ways of going about their business
Meowow Park(喵嗚公園)
About the Author
No. 6 (male)
In charge of sketching cats, carrying feeds, and other works that require physical strength at Meowow Park.
Ms. J (female)
In charge of rubbing her face against their bodies, stroking their furs and slapping their cute little behinds. Oh, she is also responsible for opening canned cat food, which is the most important task of all.
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Heero Chiao (Editor)