The Promise Made in Squares – Extradition Case 001

PG-13, R

I should be in the Heaven after death, but some things went wrong?!
The promised unfulfilled in life becomes the key to the Hell. I didn't mean to fail the promise; I just didn't have the chance!
Do you have unfulfilled promises? Let me bring you to see what the consequences are if you do.

With the "regret of an unfinished relationship" as the core theme, the comic utilizes the emotional changes of the protagonist after his passing to offer a clear and vivid display of regret and salvation. If you are given the opportunity to see your deceased loved ones, what will you say to them? Or, or there any promises that you now can never fulfill? Dealing with life, death, and everything in between, this comic is one that should not be missed!



Publication Date
Feb, 2023
Volume/ Episode
1 (END)
112x170mm/ 176 pages/ paperback
"You can't hear me, no matter how loud I cry..."
The male leads, the Go master, dies all of a sudden without any warning. As he dies, an angel appeared before him, one that is way too painfully blunt. The angel had received an order from above to beam him up. To their surprise, however, they are rejected from entering the world atop. Turns out, Hong Yen made a promise years ago that he never fulfilled. Now, he must see his promise through before allowed ascension. To make matters more complicated, the person who he made the promise to is his senior classmate in the Go Club back in junior high school, and someone who has gone to the other side a long time ago…
Selling Points
(1) A story about "regrets for lingering relationship"
(2) In-depth and thorough illustration of regrets and salvation through images of angels, demons, the heaven, and the hell
(3) Sold out on the first day at the venue!
(4) Recognized by the project of Taiwan Comic City
About the Author
This newcomer in the commercial market excels at delicate emotional descriptions. Through the images of angels, demons, heaven and hell, the artist produces brilliant and vivid depictions of regret and salvation.
Copyright Ownership
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Yen Ju Wu (Director)