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★2023 CCPA Best IP Awards
★The author has over 350,000 followers on Facebook
★The author's previous work, Brave Series, was adapted into an animation series available on Netflix

In the blink of an eye, the most popular girl in school turns into a zombie. After a dizzying chain of events, she becomes caught up in a war between the ghouls hunting for zombies and the Lost Squad fighting to defend them. Even under such tumultuous circumstances, Lami is confident that her allure will save the world!



Publication Date
May, 2022
Volume/ Episode
When Lami, the most popular girl at school, regains consciousness, she realizes she has become a zombie. What's more, her once-familiar classmates have become scary creatures. The worst part is there are ghouls constantly preying on zombies, looking to annihilate each and every one of them. But despite the extreme danger, Lami still wants to bring everyone happiness with her personal allure!
A middle-aged man shows up to rescue Lami when she is first attacked by a ghoul. Having been awake for a long time, he knows this world well, and decides to invite Lami to join his ranks and search for his daughter upon witnessing her astounding strength. After hearing the man's description, Lami realizes that his missing daughter is none other than her good friend from high school, and the reason for her disappearance is related to Lami herself. What challenges will Lami encounter in her life as a zombie? Can this middle-aged man successfully find his daughter?
Yellow Book, a wildly-popular webcomic author, offers a unique twist on hero stories, taking readers on an apocalyptic adventure from the perspective of a zombie with his exceptional satirical tone.
Selling Points
(1) Yellow Books is a famous web comic writer with a fanbase of 350,000 people.
(2) The "Hero" series was adopted as anime and won the Best Anime in this year's Golden Bell Awards.
Awards& Ranking
2023 2nd Best IP Awards – Top IP Award in the Comic Category and Anime Potential Award
Yellow book(黃色書刊)
About the Author
A Taiwanese comic book artist, Yellow Book used to work in a design company and most of his works are social satires. He went viral on Facebook with the humorous Life Series and socially-satirical Sad For You in 2012. He already has more than 350,000 followers there. His comic Brave Series from 2019 was adapted into an animated series in 2021 and is available on Netflix, and has drawn a lot of discussion.
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