The king and his queens

PG-13, R

How can the young king whose curse keeps killing his consorts seek his true love?

The author is the master of romance writing. The occasional jokes often make people laugh. In addition to these features, the story takes place in the royal court where the nobles plot against each other.



Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Apr, 2022
Volume/ Episode
2 (ongoing)
128x182mm/ 176pages/ paperback
This is about the romantic story happening in the conflicts between two houses in Hediva Kingdom! Olonso from the House of Defy is the newly crowned king, yet all of his queen consorts have been killed by the curse cast by the House of Ego. In the face of internal conflicts of the court and personal struggles, how can Olonso break the curse and seek his true love?
Selling Points
(1) Conflicts within the Court
(2) Adult Creation
About the Author
Appreciating other comic artists like Ikeda Riyoko and Shimizu Reiko, the author became one through a friend's help. Her works often present unique elegance, and she has her own opinions in terms of interactions between men and women. Since her career in 1992, she has created the works of "Fallen Blossom," "Rose," "Myth of Love," "Journal of Innocent Love," and the ongoing The King and His Queens. Continuing to create more works is her dream.
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