The Chosen Children

G, PG-13, R

★The heroic adventure with a cynical and parodic turn
★Yellow Book has over 350,000 followers on Facebook
★Yellow Book's previous work, Brave Series, was adapted into an animation series available on Netflix

Three decades ago, the denizens of an evil planet dispatched monsters to attack the Earth. An alien from a planet of Bravery and Love chooses five young boys and girls to pilot a giant robot and save the world. After three decades, alien monsters are set to attack the Earth again. The young heroes, now middle-aged, are summoned a second time. Yet devoid of Bravery and Love, how will they tackle this challenge?



Publication Date
Dec, 2022
Volume/ Episode
72 (ongoing)
Three decades ago, the Earth was assaulted by monsters from an evil planet. Hailing from a planet of Bravery and Love, the BL Baby came to Earth's rescue. Five young people full of passion were chosen to pilot a giant robot and cast away the invaders.
At present, A-Yung, one of the five heroes, is a cynical middle-aged man. He even married one of the attackers from the first invasion; they have a daughter together. Yet when the alarm sounds again to warn of an attack by monsters, he has no choice but to put on a brave face and gather his former comrades alongside the BL Baby.
On the other hand, the government, determined to defeat the invaders without relying on outside help, assembles a group of young people and trains them to repel the invasion. Will the addition of this new blood affect the mission of saving the Earth? Can the Earth come out of this alien invasion unscathed?
Yellow Book is a master of parody while Cheng-Yu Yang excels at creating shonen manga. They have collaborated on this work to pay homage to the mecha comics from the Shōwa era. The plot intertwines the heat of war with social criticism, taking readers on a brand new experience.
Selling Points
(1) Yellow Book is a renowned web comic artist who has 350,000 followers on his fan page. The anime adaptation of his "Hero" series won the Golden Bell Awards this year.
(2) Unlike the traditional stories involved with giant robots – this is a love letter to those who've been through the Showa Period from the two authors.
Yellow book(黃色書刊), Yang Cheng-Yu(楊政諭)
About the Author
A Taiwanese comic book artist, Yellow Book used to work in a design company and most of his works are social satires. He went viral on Facebook with the humorous Life Series and socially-satirical Sad For You in 2012. He already has more than 350,000 followers there. His comic Brave Series from 2019 was adapted into an animated series in 2021 and is available on Netflix, and has drawn a lot of discussion.
With a major in mechanical engineering, Yang Cheng-Yu crossed over into the realm of comics and is adept at creating shonen titles full of exciting battles. He likes creating stories full of determination and passion and has collaborated with Yellow Book in the comic book series Knock Down Brave and The Chosen Children.
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