Happy Ending Transmigration

PG-13, R

★Crossover travel romance combined with changing destinies
★Over 120,000 views on the Beanfun! platform

After receiving death threats, a web novel writer unexpectedly travels into her own novel, taking on the role of a supporting character. If she doesn't change the sad ending, she'll share the same tragic fate as her characters! As a result, she begins to play matchmaker for the male and female protagonists so that there can be a happy ending. Will she be able to change the destinies of everyone?




Publication Date
Mar, 2022
Volume/ Episode
20 (Season 1, Finished)
After Chen Jih-Hsin, a writer of tragic romance web novels, publishes her latest work with a harrowing ending where all the major characters die, she receives an overwhelming response, including a death threat. It tells her that if she doesn't give a happy ending to the male and female protagonists, she will meet the same fate as her characters. At first, she does not think much of it, but she wakes up the next day and finds herself transported into her own story, taking on the role of Feng Jih-Hsi, the cousin of the male protagonist, corporate group president Shih Yen.
Chen Jih-Hsin realizes that she must change the course of the story or else she will end up dead as Feng Jih-Hsi. Using her position as the vice president of the corporate group, she takes on the role of matchmaker in order to make the male and female protagonists genuinely fall in love with each other. However, despite her best efforts and her insider knowledge as the author, she still fails to prevent tragedy from unfolding. At this point, she unexpectedly returns to the real world. Now, Chen Jih-Hsin needs to figure out the direction the plot must take. Will she be able to alter the fates and endings of all the characters?
This story revolves around a handsome and wealthy CEO falling in love with his sweet but naive subordinate. With the added twist of crossover travel, the plot is fast-paced, suspenseful, and filled with novel twists and turns around every corner, drawing the readers into a heart-wrenching yet also heartwarming love story.
Selling Points
(1) A transportation romance story with old theme and new elements
(2) Over 120,000 subscriptions on Comic Star
About the Author
An emerging Taiwanese comic book artist known for her humorous and engaging style of storytelling.
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Kao Min-Shu (Business Development)