Love Rush

PG-13, R

★A sweet and lighthearted lesbian romance
★A mix of workplace life and personal growth

An office worker who lacks self-confidence and career goals receives a magic "lucky charm" at a company party that can make people fall in love with each other. With her rational personality, she was initially dismissive of this implausible myth, but the next day she feels a sudden yet inexplicable sense of attraction for her popular and beautiful coworker.




Publication Date
Sep, 2022
Volume/ Episode
15 (Season 1, Finished)
Yi-Ju is an introverted office worker lacking self-confidence. She has no career goals or aspirations and often hides herself in crowds. On the other hand, Yun-Chu is the rising star of the company with an outgoing and affable personality, and she is liked by everyone. Even with such different personalities, they are good work colleagues and take the same bus on their daily commute.
At a company party, a coworker hands Yi-Ju a "lucky charm" that apparently is magical. All she has to do is throw the charm at another person, and whoever catches it will fall in love with her. The rational Yi-Ju scoffs at the idea, but after Yun-Chu accidentally tosses the lucky charm at her, she suddenly develops romantic feelings for her. Will introverted Yi-Ju choose to keep her feelings buried inside or find the courage to express herself?
This story takes place in an everyday office setting, focusing on the theme of love and growth of young women. Written and illustrated with a gentle yet heartwarming tone, Nima depicts an uplifting lesbian romance full of the wonders of youthful uncertainty and mature femininity.
Selling Points
(1) A soul-healing story with growth and resonance to office life
(2) Lingering relationship between two girls
(3) Humorous quotes from the characters
About the Author
An emerging comic book artist who uses a heartwarming hand-drawn style to depict imaginative stories that bring comfort to modern readers. Her short comic series Outer Space Grandma received wide attention on the Internet and won First Prize in the Short Original Comic Category at the Frontier Short Comic Original Awards. Her other works include Take a Stroll and Horror Alternate World.
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