The Tag-Along: The Devil Fish

PG-13, R

★Adapted from the 2018 blockbuster film of the same name
★A mix of urban legend, traditional culture, thrilling horror, and family relations

The story is inspired by an urban legend. After an angler catches a fish with a human-like face, he is possessed by a demonic spirit from it and ends up killing his wife and daughter. Following these murders, a mother and her son find this demonic fish by chance, causing the mother's mental state, already unstable due to her husband's infidelity, to worsen. She develops a pathological possessiveness over her son and eventually starts killing the people her son cares about.



Publication Date
Jun, 2023
Volume/ Episode
15 (END)
A middle-aged man is possessed by a demonic spirit in a fish with a human-like face that he caught in a pond deep in the forest. He returns home and murders his wife and daughter, but appears to be in a state of disorientation. Even though the police launch an investigation immediately, they are completely clueless about where to start. With no better options, they seek out the help of Cheng, a temple exorcist.
Meanwhile, Chou Chia-Hao is a junior high school student who often hangs out in temples, and he hears about a microfilm competition at school. He decides to make a film with his classmates on the theme of temple culture in order to win the substantial prize money. They happen to come across the exorcism of the "human-faced fish" being performed by Cheng when they sneak into the temple. Curious, Chia-Hao decides to take home with him the small fish that Cheng threw out. This act unwittingly agitates his already mentally unstable mother and triggers an avalanche of horrifying events.
This work is adapted from the blockbuster film of the same name and draws inspiration from a well-known Taiwanese urban legend. It brings together a setting of traditional culture and a horror atmosphere, while centering around the themes of family relations and humanity, to deliver an intense and thought-provoking story.
Selling Points
(1) Adopted from famous Taiwanese horror film and has some loyal audience
(2) Themes of folk tales and horrors
(3) More than just ghosts: in-depth presentation of family issues allows readers around the world easily resonate to the story
(4) The author has won multiple awards
Mukeke(木可柯)、The Tag-Along Co., Ltd.
About the Author
Emerging comic book artist, recipient of the Special Jury Prize from the Creative Comic Collection (CCC) Original Comic and Script Awards, and the Silver Award in the Comics Category of the Bahamut ACG Creation Contest, Mukeke has attended the San Diego Comic-Con International and has been selected as an artist-in-residence at "La Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée et de l'Image" in Angoulême, France.
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