Three unmarried Women

PG-13, R

★Popular serialized online comic with over 20,000 likes per episode and 130,000 fans subscribed present.
★Exploring the everyday dilemmas of modern women through tongue-in-cheek and satirical dialog.

They are three sisters with very different personalities and ideas: the eldest sister is a pragmatic cop, the middle sister is a makeup influencer with an acerbic attitude, and the youngest sister is a shut-in fangirl studying theater, but they all have one thing in common: marriage is not on their plates. Through the daily lives of these three sisters filled with humor and fun, the story shows that modern women don't need to come up with a reason for not wanting to get married, and that pursuing your own goals in life can be a rewarding existence in itself.


Publication Date
Aug, 2022
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The eldest sister is a police officer with a pragmatic personality, the middle sister is a makeup influencer with a sharp tongue, while the youngest sister is a drama student who immerses herself in boy-love and yaoi novels all day long. They may live under the same roof, but the only thing that these three siblings, with their vastly different personalities, have in common is that none of them intend to get married.
This work strings together a series of lighthearted and humorous anecdotes that bring a smile to the reader's face. It shows how these women, who are satisfied with their choice to remain unmarried, are able to "escape" or turn aside awkward situations with cuttingly direct or even downright ridiculous responses during relatives' weddings, at family reunions, when trying out dating apps, or even accompanying friends to singles meetups. Their favorite congratulatory message for weddings is "nowhere to go but up from now on!" They treat romantic movies like horror films: they enjoy the thrill but don't want to experience it in person. And when they hear that old chestnut, "bad-tempered girls won't be able to find a husband," they decide to embrace their bad tempers even more wholeheartedly so as to avoid accidentally getting married.
These three sisters are surrounded by a plethora of other characters, such as their hottie classmates, hipster students, chauvinistic police colleagues, a manager who yearns for a dream romance, and an apathetic guy who cares nothing about the opposite sex. The interactions between these characters reflect a diverse array of ideas about marriage. Ri Shia Zao explores the everyday dilemmas that all modern women may face through tongue-in-cheek and satirical dialog.
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(1) A hot topic on the SNS, with each chapter gaining over 20,000 likes
(2) Funny
(3) The life and emotion that modern people can empathize
About the Author
A finalist for the Best New Talent category at the Golden Comics Awards, Ri Shia Zao excels in portraying stories from a modern woman's point of view that hit close to home. Her online serialized works, "Shi Shi Er Fei" and "Jin Xiu Nian Dai," have gained a huge following on the platform. She has also published "Paper Moon," "A House of Blocks" and "NO MORE."
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