Just when I thought no one cares about me, you took me in...
But... You don't know me at all... So who do you actually see in me? 

The story is a typical case of Stockholm syndrome, where the victim finds himself empathizing with the captor and even falling in love with him after being shown gentle care during captivity. Readers who likes a happy ending or light-hearted plots more is not recommended to read this comic. Although one may feel a bit depressed after reading the story, the charm oozing through the pages is not to be ignored.



Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Oct, 2020
Volume/ Episode
1 (END)
128x182mm/ 192 pages/ paperback
Three Years Ago – A young man had just lost consciousness on the side of the road due to the pain from his wounds. Mr. Yen took the young man back to his villa, cleaned him up and treated his wounds. The seemingly warm concern and actions made the young man to soften up his guard, and so he starts to gripe about how no one cares for him. Unfortunately, little did he know, he is actually now slowly walking right into Mr. Yen’s trap, which Mr. Yen perfectly disguised as gentle care.
Selling Points
(1) A title that hits hard after reading
(2) Cautionary tale (Don't blindly trust others)
(3) Extremely rare BL theme
Awards& Ranking
2021 12th Golden Comic Awards – Comic of the Year
Rights Sold
Italian, Japanese(e-books only) and Korean version in progress
About the Author
TaaRO, a quite popular novel illustrator/comic book artist in recent years, creates both her own original comics as well as commercial works for others. Whether it's her original work or commercial works, all of them are receiving extremely high attention on the market. Through the utilization of varied drawing styles, distinctive characters, as well as unique storylines, her work leaves a lasting impression on the readers.
Copyright Ownership
Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Copyright Contact
Bill Fan (Vice President)