Mangaka in Jail

PG-13, R

Elegy of comic book artists…
In order to survive, what are you willing to give up?

Illustrated in a humorous tone, the story depicts how our protagonist, the comic book artist, utilizes his skillsets to rise to the top in a prison full of hardened criminals! In a prison where inmates are deprived of everything, watch how this comic book artist went from a weakling to becoming the boss by providing the much-needed ''soul food'' that all felons desperately need! 

©監獄漫畫家/NG VIN SING/東立出版社


Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Mar, 2021
Volume/ Episode
4 (END)
128x182mm/ 176 pages/ paperback
A comic book artist who's doing his best to survive in the nonstop hell of making the deadline, but now he is actually being framed and getting locked up!?
Facing a horde of criminals and a prison filled with felons, how is a puny little comic book artist going to survive in this hellhole?
Selling Points
(1) Funny & Humor
(2) Adult
About the Author
Born in Malaysia, NG VIN came to Taiwan to pursue his comic book dreams without any restraints. In his private life, his hobbies include: comics, movies, video games, and objects with a story behind it.

2012-2013 ''In Search of God''
2015-2018 ''Love in Cloud''
2017-2019 ''9 to 5''
2019 ''Star Catchers''
2020 ''Mangaka in Jail''
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