Yuusya ryaku

G, PG-13, R

A Demon King that acts more like a hero than the hero himself, a princess that acts more like the Demon King than the Demon King himself, and a hero that acts more like a princess than the princess herself???

Adopting a unique and lively drawing style, BIGUN creates characters with rich expressions, vibrant interactions, and storylines that poke fun at everyday living. Combined with local features of Taiwan, the artist is able to attract even more readers through her passionate work.



Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Aug, 2014
Volume/ Episode
12 (END)
128x182mm/ 176 pages/ paperback
A wrong policy can lead to a failed environment! In Year 250, for the sake of the princess and the crown prince, the king ordered the official implementation of the ''Hero Nationalization Policy,'' officially making civil servants out of heroes!
Never would have one thought that such an erroneous policy would result in the loss of talents as well as a deformed employment environment!!
Watch how a battered convenience store clerk who has lost interest in life rises to the top; a romantic legend in the Kingdom, a story of love and courage!
Selling Points
(1) Parody
(2) The recommended books for Elementary School
(3) Humor
About the Author
After graduating from the Department of Fine Arts of National Kaohsiung Normal University, BIGUN began participating in various competitions. Her past published work includes ''The Poet Sage'' and '' Yuusya Ryaku,'' of which the latter began serialization in 2013 and ran for 12 volumes.
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