Exchange! A Secret Agent Body Swap


★An enemies-to-lovers secret agent romantic comedy
★Includes sexual elements and explores switching genders

Top agent goes on a mission, only to get backstabbed by his boss, and by accident had a ''physical relationship'' with the female doctor... He surely got himself in deep trouble this time!? An agent revenge war is about to begin!



Publication Date
Jul, 2023
Volume/ Episode
5 (ongoing, planned for 12 episodes)
A narcissistic secret agent is attacked on a mission just as an explosion is about to go off, only to discover that he's been poisoned and is now on the verge of death. By chance, a researcher who works for the enemy shows up and the two of them run for cover in a panic, getting into a mysterious, solid-looking device to avoid the explosion. They're lucky to have escaped with their lives, but when they get out of the device, they're shocked to discover that they've somehow switched bodies. Will they ever find a way to switch back?

Hsiu-szu is a narcissistic spy who's sent on an urgent mission to steal a new species of plant that can control human brains and genes from a research institute. Enroute, he encounters a researcher for the enemy called Hsi-na and is relishing in their showdown until he accidentally smells her distinctive perfume. Against all odds, the two of them end up forming an intense connection but Hsiu-szu leaves in a hurry to avoid things getting any more complicated.

Despite this distraction, Hsiu-szu still manages to obtain the plant, but during the mission he's betrayed by his boss who stealthily poisons him and leaves him for dead. He's on the verge of death when he happens to run into Hsi-na who's verifying an experiment for the research institute. The two of them duck inside a strange device to avoid an explosion and are lucky to survive. As they get out of the device, they realize that they've swapped bodies and are both in such a state of shock at being the opposite gender. Will they find a way to work together and reach a solution?

Featuring an uplifting vibe and an interesting, tightly woven plot, the author creates an adult love story that's brimming with chemistry and depicts two very different people who face a lot of challenges together before eventually falling in love.
Selling Points
(1) Focusing on the female market, this is a romantic action comedy involving agents, sex change, intense sexual intercourse, deception, conspiracy, and cute animals.
(2) Solid storyline
Rights Sold
Japanese(株式会社ネオアルドNeoAlbo). Digital version licensed for global distribution.
About the Author
Aimi's characters are extremely popular with female readers, and the stories she creates are mostly funny, light romantic comedies in distinctive settings. She is also the author of A Man-child's Deal with the Devil, and The Sweet Aphrodisiac of Chocolate Perfume.

Published/Illustrated Original Works:
2017 – ''Complex Hearts'' / Sharp Point Press Original Comic Contest – Gold Award
2020 – Conceited Brat‘s Contract with the Devil / Tong Li Publishing
2021 – Chocolate Perfume is the Aphrodisiac! / Renta! TW
2023 –Exchange! Love Agent Swap / Renta! TW
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James Chen (Lead Editor of Original Comics),
Julia Chen (Director of Rights)