The Shimmering Summoner

G, PG-13, R

Even I'm just a loser summoner, I want to fulfill both my relationships and dream!
Here comes a fantasy adventure story!
A summoning spell that can summon a man is of course the best. He can kill monsters, sell things, and even falls in love with me (what!?)
After the protagonist (male) became the star-diamond hero, what did he do-

Adding witty and humorous elements into the story, the artist express the notion of "Even the most useless of things does have a meaning for its Existence!" Of the many different professions and characters within the world of magic, each person demonstrates a level of effort that lives up one's own conscience. Not purely an adventure, this title adds a bit BL elements to strengthen the various needs of the love story between the two protagonists. 



Publication Date
Aug, 2022
Volume/ Episode
3 (END)
127x182mm/ 144 pages/ paperback
978-986-50-4534-0, 978-626-00-5696-4, 978-626-00-6864-6
An adventure filled with love (?) and dreams (!!?) is about to embark…
Robin is a loser summoner with a big dream… to slay the evil dragon!
One day, to his own puzzlement, he somehow summoned a little prince. With the little prince's misleading persuasion, Robin is forced to come to the Castle of the Evil Dragon… what will they…?
Selling Points
(1) Relaxing and comedic fantasy story
(2) Always full in line in the book signing. Sold out on the first day at the venue! Total sale has reached thousands of copies!
(3) Recognized by the Taiwan Comic City project
(4) The first volume has been licensed to a renowned Japanese publisher for physical copies and e-books.
Awards& Ranking
(1) 2023 Angoulême International Comics Festival Taiwan Pavilion – Recommended Comics – Selection
(2) Selected in the Comic Division of 2023 Books from Taiwan
Rights Sold
Japanese(Kadokawa Japan), English(MEDIA DO, e-books only, non-exclusive)
About the Author
(1) Her work, "Wanted Magic Girl!", was nominated for the Best New Artist Award in the 10th Golden Comic Awards.
(2) Took on the role of being the official character designer for the Image IP of the Patriotic Women's Association in 2019.
(3) Selected by the Ministry of Culture in the "41st Recommendation Activity of Extracurricular Readings for Elementary and Junior High School Students"
(4) Participated in the promotion event of Taiwanese comics of "Audio Comic" held by Taiwan Creative Content Agency in the 2021 Taipei International Book Exhibition
(5) Multiple works were invited by Taiwan Creative Content Agency to participate in the Taiwan Comic City project
(6) Licensed "Wanted Magic Girl!" for e-books in Korea, and "Being with You to the End of the World" for physical copies and e-books in Japan (KADOKAWA)
(7) Have many works in diverse themes and styles, such as "Being with You to the End of the World," "The Shimmering Summoner," and "Wanted Magic Girl!."
Copyright Ownership
Copyright Contact
Yen Ju Wu (Director)