TeknoLove: Experiment Zero

PG-13, R

★The debut comic by a popular illustrator from Taiwan
★A BL story that explores varying emotions in human relationships, alongside relationships between humans and androids

A rare sci-fi themed BL series; go along with the protagonist and watch how his complex emotions towards a robot, who happens to possess the same appearance as his deceased childhood friend, progress, as well as explore his thoughts as he falls deeper into the relationship.



Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Dec, 2020
Volume/ Episode
3 (ongoing)
128x182mm/ 160 pages/ paperback
978-957-26-0276-8, 978-957-26-2662-7, 978-957-26-6067-6
One day, a university student receives a mysterious package containing an AI robot that looks just like his friend who died many years ago. After he activates the robot, he discovers that it has been programmed to "take care of its owner" and "prioritize collecting data about love", but it hasn't been told how to actually implement these goals. What does it mean by "data about love"? And why does it have the face of his old friend? The answers gradually come to light as the protagonist and the AI robot begin to spend their daily lives together.

In a future world where AI robots are an inseparable part of human life, university student Shih-sheng receives a mysterious package and discovers it contains an android who looks exactly like his long dead best friend. He activates the android and learns that its creator, Dr. U, wants to study and nurture love through the robot's daily interactions and sexual relationships with humans. However, Dr. U has given the android two command inputs, "take care of you master" and "gather data about love", without actually establishing a procedure for collecting the data.

Shih-sheng is skeptical about using androids in experiments, but then he hears Dr. U say that if he doesn't cooperate with the experiment, the android will no longer be of use so Shih-sheng can have it at his disposal. Feeling extremely guilty about his beloved friend, Shih-sheng find himself deciding to keep the robot. The way it learns how to interact with him freaks Shih-sheng out, so he flees to his university friend's house for a while. His friend is very gentle and caring, but Shih-sheng comes to realize that his friend seems to have feelings for him. With his life in turmoil and so many things still left unresolved, Shih-sheng sets out to discover what it really means to be in love at university.

Through the protagonist's interactions with his university friend and the AI robot, the author explores the subtle emotional differences between human relationships and those involving androids, as well as the various ways affection can manifest in a love triangle where all three parties are still young and figuring out life for themselves.
Selling Points
(1) Rare BL theme
(2) Love Triangle
(3) Detailed and delicate art style
(4) Exploration of the possibility of love between a human and a robot
About the Author
Hizuki is a popular illustrator and manga artist from Taiwan. She is active in the fanfiction community and had 80,000 fans across her social media platforms. In 2016, she began serializing TeknoLove: Experiment Zero for Tong Li Comics.
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Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
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