PILI Fantasy: Master Illusionist

G, PG-13, R

★A story about twin teenage brothers and their various wuxia adventures
★Featuring martial arts in the style of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Pili Puppetry- adapted comic brings to life one of the most popular characters in the series – Chi Lu Jen. With unique art style, the origin of Chi Lu Jen is beautifully crafted.

©霹靂英雄戰紀 羅網乾坤/原作:霹靂國際多媒體 漫畫:雅紳/東立出版社


Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Feb, 2020
Volume/ Episode
2 (END)
128x182mm/ 176 pages/ paperback
978-957-26-4710-3, 978-957-26-5827-7
Everything changes for a pair of twin brothers from a small martial arts sect when the elder brother becomes famous for defeating a vicious tyrant in a tournament, but now the tyrant's sect has sent its best fighters to kill him. Right at the last minute, the brothers are saved by a chance encounter with a grandmaster. However, little do they realize that the seemingly benevolent grandmaster has an ulterior motive. What will happen to the twins now that their fates are about to change forever?

The twins from the Lu clan make a great team: the elder brother is outstanding martial artist, and his younger sibling always has a host of strategies up his sleeve. After the older brother suddenly becomes renowned for defeating an evil grandmaster, the siblings quickly become seen as thorns in the side of a criminal organization which send some of its best agents to kill the twins. However, the brothers are rescued by a passing grandmaster called Hsiu Wan-nien who becomes their friend, but there's another twist: Hsiu Wan-nien is actually colluding with the organization and secretly sends spies to monitor the twins.

By chance, the twins and Hsiu Wan-nien get their hands on a mysterious blueprint which is rumored to contain a map outlining how to unify the realm. Hsiu Wan-nien wants to use it for his own purposes, but when the brothers try to stop him, it ends in a huge fight. Unable to match the joint forces of the twins, he has a spy gradually sow discord between them, but his scheme fails when the spy unexpectedly betrays him. The twins have already survived a series of crises, but now they must confront not just Hsiu Wan-nien who has vowed to seize the blueprints, but also the vast evil forces behind him. How will they protect their clan? And should they give up the blueprint in exchange for the safety of their family?

This book is a manga adaptation from Pili, an extremely popular glove puppetry TV series in Taiwan that has been broadcast all over the world and has prompted numerous spinoffs. The comic is a collaboration between the two members of Senya and uses original illustrations to depict some of the most famous characters from Pili during the years before the events of the main series. With a tightly packed narrative and vivid, lifelike characters, this is an exciting standalone wuxia story that can be equally enjoyed by Pili fans as well as readers who have never encountered the series before.
Selling Points
(1) Action Adventure
(2) Friendship
About the Author
Senya is a duo formed by two manga artists from Taiwan. Their works have won or been nominated for various awards both domestically and abroad: The Guardian Clan was shortlisted for the 2011 Tong Li YA Short Comic Award, Symbiosis won the 2012 Morning International Comic Competition in Japan, and Her Majesty won the 2016 Japan International Manga Award. Their most recent publication is A Thousand Hands.
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