Sun-Kissed Romance

G, PG-13, R

★The author specializes in stories that involve the fashion and entertainment industries
★The work she is best known for, Youth Gone Wild (1996), paved the way for popular comics in Taiwan

Comic artist Nicky Lee excels at illustrating themes with a heavy emphasis on fashion and entertainment elements, crafting works rich in its sense of style. Utilizing fashion/entertainment industry as the backdrop, "in the sunshine," depicts all the various events and interactions which occur after the reunion of the little fan and the superstar since sleeping together years ago. 



Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Dec, 2021
Volume/ Episode
3 (ongoing)
128x182mm/ 176 pages/ paperback
978-957-26-8194-7, 978-626-34-7140-5, 978-626-37-2680-2
A mother who works as a professional chef is preparing a private dinner for a client when she encounters a celebrity who she's admired for a long time. The actor has a delicate palette when it comes to food, but there's a familiar flavor in the chef's cooking which he keeps using as a pretext to ask her to stay and work for him. As the two of them spend more time together, memories of their previous relationship begin to resurface. And now that fresh events have unfolded since their reunion, will sparks fly between them once again?

Yang Kuang-hsia is a mother and chef who also happens to be a big fan of well-known actor Yin Sui-feng. When she's invited to a famous director's home to cook a private dinner, she ends up running into Sui-feng again and he makes her extremely nervous. The truth is she's not just a fan, the two of them actually share an intimate past. She worries that disaster has struck when she's at the hospital with her son and they bump into Sui-feng who has the flu. Kuang-hsia panics that the secret she's hidden for all these years is about to come to light, but thankfully Sui-feng doesn't seem to notice that the child bears a striking resemblance to him.

After seeing how pitiful Sui-feng looks, Kuang-hsia decides to help by preparing a few meals for him. Sui-feng recovers from his illness and tracks Kuang-hsia down at the restaurant where she works so he can eat more of the delicious food from his memories, but the appearance of someone so famous causes total chaos. Frustrated by the ruckus, Kuang-hsia finally relents and agrees to deliver food to his house. As the two of them gradually see each other more often and the actor gets to know his son, it seems like things might have changed since their initial reunion. Where will their relationship go this time around?

The entire book is narrated in a way that creates an uplifting atmosphere, depicting a fan who's secretly in love with a big movie star, and an actor who longs for more warmth in his life. The cooking process is so meticulously portrayed that you feel like you can smell the food through the illustrations. It's enough to make anyone ravenous!
Selling Points
(1) Love Story
(2) Adult
Nicky Lee(李崇萍)
About the Author
Nicky Lee is longtime admirer of the female manga artists Minako Narita and Reiko Shimizu, and her own illustration style is very chic and visually appealing. She specializes in depicting stories that feature fashion and entertainment as strong themes, and her works include Paradise City, Provence, Youth Gone Wild, and No One Else.
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