See You Again! Pinocchio: A Gemini Tale

G, PG-13, R

★Korean and French rights have been sold for the author's other works
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Woke up after a night's sleep to find out that I have a twin sister? The female protagonist is certain that she does not have a younger twin, but for some reason everyone knows her?! Is this person, who the protagonist sees as the perfect image of who she always wanted to be, really her twin? One day, the protagonist noticed that the male twin siblings in school have the same birth as them. Is this just some kind of a weird coincidence?



Publication Date
Aug, 2019
Volume/ Episode
2 (END)
117x175mm/ 352 pages/ paperback
978-986-50-4200-4, 978-986-50-4372-8
When a high school girl wakes up one day and suddenly discovers that she has a twin, she's not sure if she's more shocked by her new sibling or that somehow no one else seems surprised by the situation. The two girls end up becoming friends with the most popular kids in school who are two boys that also happen to be twins and share the girls' birthday. In this engaging coming-of-age campus story, the protagonist tries to figure out where her sister came from, but in the process, she also ends up embarking on a quest of self-discovery with her new sibling and their friends.

Jui-an wakes up to find that she has a twin sister but bizarrely, no one she knows thinks that it's odd at all. Thanks to her sister, Jui-an meets a pair of twin brothers at school who are some of the most influential people on campus. The four of them quickly become friends and social circles gradually blend together.

As her school life becomes more and more enriched by her expanded circle of friends, Jui-an not only overcomes her fear of presenting on stage but also leads her entire class in the school sports competition. However, things aren't as rosy for the twin brothers who find their close bond gradually being eroded by their parents' favoritism as conflicts with their teachers and parents slowly rise to the surface. What will happen to their lives on campus? And will Jui-an ever find out the real reason why her twin sister suddenly appeared?

Reality can make us want to conceal our imperfect selves in all sorts of ways, and Wu Yu-Shi explores these feeling by having the characters present their idealized selves as twins in their minds. She hopes that through the highs and lows of growing up that are explored in this story, readers will discover their favorite version of themselves and move on to an exciting new chapter in their lives.
Selling Points
(1) A fantastic tale based on the classic children's novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio"
(2) A story about finding oneself amidst all the pressures and obstacles faced in real life
(3) Translated E-book licensed to AK Communications of Korea in 2019
(4) 1st print sold out in comic convention! Signed copies gone in seconds!
(5) Previous title "Ocean-Colored Polaris" has been licensed to Chattochatto in France in 2020
Awards& Ranking
(1) Ministry of Culture's "42nd Non-Academic Best Reads for Junior High/Elementary School Selections"
(2) 2020's Promotion of Taiwan Comic in Japan Project
Rights Sold
Korean(AK Communications, e-books only)
About the Author
Wu Yu-Shi is a popular illustrator and manga artist from Taiwan who specializes in hand-drawn watercolors and stories that are packed with fairy tales and fantasy. Her best-known works include, The Sea-Colored North Star, 1934 Time Travelling Stars and Dreams, and For the Love of Spring. She has collaborated with fashion and cosmetics companies across Taiwan to launch joint products, and her cute, colorful style is beloved by readers and consumers alike.
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Yen Ju Wu (Director)