Good Morning, How About Some Positivity?

PG-13, R

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Losing his job, becoming distant with his kids, and growing further apart from his wife, our protagonist is having the worst case of mid-life crisis ever after hitting 40!! Feeling extremely frustrated after being rejected from a job interview, the protagonist is suddenly brought into a strange cult called "Hong Guang Association" that is all about promoting positive energy and positive vibes. To his surprise, he finds out that the spiritual mentor in the group is none other than his friend from high school, and that his wife is actually a devotee of the association?! Since then, the couple's respect towards their spiritual mentor has reached an unprecedented height!


Publication Date
Jul, 2023
Volume/ Episode
2 (ongoing, Scheduled for 3 volumes)
131x188mm/ 416 pages/ paperback
978-626-00-7836-2, 978-626-00-7837-9
Facing an unprecedented mid-life crisis, an office worker is deep in the weeds of his frustrating job search when he's accidentally pulled into a positivity group. Once he's in, he discovers that not only is his wife already an enthusiastic participant, but that the spiritual leader happens to be his old high school classmate. To avoid his wife finding out that he's unemployed, the protagonist halfheartedly joins the group and begins a ridiculous journey that turns his ordinary life upside down.

Ta-hsing is an office worker who's living a fairly dull life estranged from his wife and children, but then to make matters worse he's fired from his job! He keeps looking for a job so that his family doesn't worry, but after experiencing one failure after another, he unexpectedly finds himself pulled in by a promotion for a positivity group called the Hung Kuang Association. The organization's popular spiritual leader turns out to be an old classmate of his from high school, and he's also shocked to learn that his wife is a zealous member of the group. Ta-hsing decides he's too far in to back out now, so he joins the organization and becomes an aide to the spiritual leader.

He witnesses the leader's ostentatious speeches for himself and sees just how encouraging they are for the audience. Ta-hsing isn't just blown away by the leader's charisma, but also understands how important positivity is for guiding people who are experiencing adversity. In order to help more people, Ta-hsing travels with the spiritual leader to towns and cities up and down the country, only to be knocked sideways when the leader abruptly declares that they want to expel Ta-hsing from Hung Kuang Association. What is he going to do now that he's finally achieved stability in his life? Is there some kind of conspiracy behind this mysterious positivity organization?

When life is going wrong most of the time and it's hard to find the will to go on, many people seek comfort in spiritual groups. Told from the perspective of a newcomer in a positivity group, this comic explores the mysterious world of these organizations and uses a hilarious, satirical tone to present the hardships and uncertainties of ordinary people's lives.
Selling Points
(1) Collaborating with popular Taiwan original content publishing platform CCC, the title has garnered over 70K views on the platform.
(2) The original work of the comic is written by well-known screenwriter ShiMengXie.
About the Author
Nigou's various works span a range of diverse styles, and he uses different illustration techniques to create rich images. His comic Harmony of Eccentrics won the Manga Category at the 2021 Kyoto International Manga Anime Award.
Seal is a well-known comic writer in Taiwan, and his collaborative works include The Flower with a Human Face and BLOODY MAN Blood Deed and The Eternal Night Mountain.
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