A Rose Fragrance for Insomnia Nights


★The debut comic by an extremely popular artist from Taiwan
★The comic's launch event was fully booked within 30 minutes and all the copies available for purchase at the event sold out quickly on the day

Hardworking and responsible police officer has been losing sleep recently because of a series of burglaries by the Phantom Thief that has proven to be real troublesome. Under the recommendation of the police station chief, the main protagonist sought help over at the hypnosis clinic. With hypnosis, the protagonist went slept like a baby. Thus, periodic treatments began. However, without the protagonist even realizing, the rosy scent from the therapist reminded him of his confrontations with the Phantom Thief...



Publication Date
Aug, 2023
Volume/ Episode
1 (END)
131x188mm/ 144 pages/ paperback
A diligent police officer who manages his local precinct has come down with a serious bout of insomnia thanks to a series of messy burglaries that have swept through the community. On the recommendation of the station's chief officer, he goes to a hypnotherapy clinic, and despite his cynicism about the therapist's flamboyant demeanor, the hypnosis finally allows him to fall asleep. However, the therapist's body smells of roses in a way that unconsciously reminds him of his confrontation with the thief, so what's really going on here?

Officer Koyama has been suffering with insomnia, so he agrees to go to a hypnosis clinic. During each session, Henderson the hypnotist lights a rose-scented fragrance for Koyama and uses his special skills to improve Koyama's disturbed sleep. As the treatment progresses, the two of them become closer and Koyama starts to fall asleep as soon as he smells the scent, while Henderson begins to uncover the deep psychological factors that caused the insomnia.

Meanwhile, burglaries continue to break out across the city. A mysterious thief steals money and valuables from a rich businessman who'd taken them by force and returns them to their rightful owners. The thief is highly skilled and makes his escapes in a beautiful, extravagant style that leaves the scene smelling of roses. He has defeated the police many times during their encounters and the way he robs from the rich and gives to the poor evokes a sympathetic response from the public, which creates even more work pressure for Koyama.

Just as Koyama and Henderson's relationship is reaching new heights, the thief gives the police department and Koyama's station advance notice of a crime, and it features a clue that undoubtedly involves Henderson…

With an upbeat vibe and a fluid narrative rhythm, the book depicts a Boy's Love story about two men with completely different personalities and perspectives who eventually fall in love thanks to insomnia and a series of high-profile robberies.
Selling Points
(1) Popular illustrator Daisuke's first commercialized comic
(2) A rom-com between a gorgeous/unique police officer and the Phantom Thief
(3) Super popular book signing, sold out in 30 minutes; first print of the comic sold out on the day of the event
About the Author
Daisuke is a popular artist from Taiwan who previously worked as an assistant to a well-known Japanese manga artist. She is known for her gorgeous, delicate illustration style, and her most recent cover illustration was for The Sleepless Nights of Disenchantment by OUKU.
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Yen Ju Wu (Director)