Talking Story : Who's Eavesdropping?


★A licensed adaptation of the popular horror podcast Talking Story
★The manga series has been viewed over 50,000 times online

Licensed by famous podcast, readers can read the comic while listening to the podcast to experience a rich and layered reading experience that they have never felt before.



Publication Date
Aug, 2022
Volume/ Episode
14 (ongoing)
A collection of 10 classic paranormal stories from Taiwan based on real-life incidents and timeless urban legends, the comic is a cross-genre collaboration between a manga artist and a horror podcaster. The excitement of seeing the voices brought to life in image form creates an all-new spine-tingling experience that showcases a lot of the island's local customs and taboos.

Every culture has its own classic horror stories or forbidden elements, most of which are rooted in local customs and village folklore. This comic features ten well-known supernatural stories from Taiwan and puts the reader's courage to the test by visualizing horrors that have been passed down through generations by word-of-mouth.

Some of the stories portray resentful people who go on to become malicious spirits that cause harm to others. For example, a young, unmarried, pregnant woman is deserted by her boyfriend who can't handle the responsibility, so she commits suicide by jumping from a building and comes back as a powerful ghost to claim his life. Other stories depict the unknown forces of nature, such as the tale of a young man who travels deep into the mountains where he encounters a ghost who's looking to capture a living being for reincarnation purposes, but the young man ends up in hell. There are also stories about people who travel to strange places where they end up disturbing the ghosts that are already there, such as the student who stays at an old hotel that was once ravaged by a fire, and at night he finds himself haunted by the souls of those who died in the blaze.

These urban legends explore Taiwan's cultural reverence for nature, as well as how powerful negative energy can materialize and harm the living. The author's visual adaptation of these mysterious forces, both seen and unseen, brings them to life for readers in a way that adds a whole new dimension of fear and excitement.
Selling Points
(1) Licensed comic book adaptation from the famous paranormal podcast "Talking Story"
(2) Taiwan local paranormal stories
About the Author
Yeu's drawing style is exquisitely realistic and he is particularly partial to American illustration styles and bold colors. His other works include The Special Inspectors and Mechanical Souls.
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