G, PG-13

Classic isekai fantasy title; after the protagonist reincarnates, he utilizes his magic talent from his previous life to set the modern magic knowledge onto the right path, improve the magic level of his classmates, create a variety of amazing magic tools, and have intense battles against the monsters and the demons. In the process, not only did he demonstrate dominance over the enemies, but also allowed him to deepen the bond with his peers.

©Shinkoshoto / SB Creative Corp.
Original Character Designs:©Huuka Kazabana / SB Creative Corp.
©Friendly Land / SQUARE ENIX


Publication Date
Sep, 2023
Volume/ Episode
24 (ongoing)
128x182mm/ 200 pages/ paperback
978-957-26-2488-3, 978-957-26-2489-0, 978-957-26-2490-6, 978-957-26-0883-8, 978-957-26-5174-2, 978-957-26-6364-6
A magician who has reached the pinnacle feels that his crest has no more room for growth. Therefore, he decides to reincarnate. After doing so, he successfully obtained the "most suitable crest for magic combat." Unfortunately for him, he is now deemed as possessing the "Weak Crest." Utilizing the strength of "sage" in his previous life, and accompanied by his peers with different crests in the Second Royal Academy, watch how the protagonist fights against the demon tribe and uncover the truth behind the distortion of the magic theory!
Selling Points
(1) TV animation aired in 2022 across the globe
(2) Japanese series sold over 6.5 million copies
(3) Currently translated to 7 languages
Awards& Ranking
(1) 2019 "Recommended Manga by Bookstore Clerks across the Country – Isekai Manga" – Selection
(2) Listed in the 2018's Annual Bestseller List on Japanese sales channels "Renta!" and "TSUTAYA Books"
(3) According to POS sales system data from 2,650 bookstores, this title is ranked 1st in the single-day hot seller comics list on (2019/6/12), (2019/6/14), (2019/6/15)
(4) English version ranked No.1 on U.S. Amazon Bestsellers List
(5) German version ranked No.3 on 2022's Annual Bestsellers List from altraverse (German publisher)
Rights Sold
Japanese(SQUARE ENIX), Chinese (Traditional)(Tong Li), English(SQUARE ENIX), Korean(노엔코믹스Novelengine), German(altraverse), Thai(Siam Inter), Chinese (Simplified)(bilibili)
Author: SHINKOSHOTO(進行諸島)
Comic: Liver Jam(肝匠)&POPO(馮昊)
Original Character Designs: HUUKA KAZABANA(風花風花)
About the Author
Liver Jam (Female): Solid mastery of art styles, capable of faithfully interpreting and bringing to life everything from action to horror/thriller scenes. In 2015, she began collaborating with a long-standing game IP, illustrating the comic for the movie version of "Corpse Party." Beginning from 2017, she and POPO began a partnership to serialize "The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest," which is still ongoing at the present time. She has also produced illustrations for games including: "PlayStation Ai-Chan," "Chain Chronicle," and "Million Arthur."
POPO (Male): Excels in youth comic and moe works. In 2017, he collaborated with Friendly Island to crate the sequel for "Super Science Junior SSJ," which was nominated in Ministry of Culture's "Gold Comic Awards and Connection+ – Best Comic for Kids" category as well as the "Wu Ta-You Popular Science &Literature Awards." In the same year, he started collaborating with Liver Jam to begin serialization of "The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest" till the present time. He too, has provided illustrations for well-known games.
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