Please Manage the High Tower


An isekai fantasy comic with business strategy at its core, go along for the ride as the male protagonist begins his new life through managing the tower, as well as deal with all the beautiful girls of different races that drop by. There will also be plenty of cute, healing-type pet monsters that will appear one after another, which include: fox, wolves, slime, goblin, and mini-dragon.
©Friendly Land / KADOKAWA
©Sousyu , Samegami


Publication Date
Sep, 2023
Volume/ Episode
18 (ongoing)
128x182mm/ 164 pages/ paperback
After the protagonist dies in a car accident, he is reincarnated to another world. Under the help of the goddess, he is assisted by two strongest six-winged girls. Together, they shall conquer the high tower that no one else is able to do before. Through the use of his creativity, the protagonist constructs living spaces within the tower, forms monster clusters, establishes "Anywhere Doors," etc. By managing the tower, the male protagonist starts his life anew!
Selling Points
(1) Series sold over 1.1 million volumes
(2) Frequently ranked No.1 on Most Popular Comics on comic reading platforms "ComicWalker" and "NICO NICO SEIGA"
Awards& Ranking
Ranked No.1 on Bestsellers List in multiple Japanese online E-book stores including omni7, Rakuten , k-manga
Author: Sousyu(早秋)
Comic: Rune(盧恩)&GuyO(雪笠)
Original Character Designs: Samegami(雨神)
About the Author
Excels in creating expressions and attitudes of characters, Rune has produced art works in various forms, and even created colored 4-panel comics for the animal game "Tun Town." In 2017, he collaborated with famous author "Kennedy Xu" to begin a weekly serialization of colored webtoon "Crazyass Senpai," a spinoff of "The Grave Robbers' Chronicles." In 2018, he started collaborating with GuyO to create "Please Manage the High Tower," which is still ongoing at the present time.
Excels in creating light-hearted and hilarious slice of life comics. In 2018, he collaborated with Rune to illustrate the comic version of "Please Manage the High Tower," which was being serialized in two major KADOKAWA online platforms simultaneously, with the first volume setting an record for an emergency reprint merely 4 days after initial release.
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Ruth Chao (Coordinator)