Chronos Ruler


Secrets and emotions that one cannot ever let go are proof of memories. After one's memories are consumed by the time-eating Horologues, that memory will cease to exist from one mind. In an eternal battle against Horologues, Chronos Ruler possesses the ability to manipulate time. However, although one can speed up or slow down time, one can never go back in time. Presenting a unique perspective of time and distinctive battle methods, this comic is not to be missed for fans of action.
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Publication Date
Jul, 2017
Volume/ Episode
6 (ongoing)
177x115mm/ 224 pages/ paperback
978-986-48-6453-9, 978-986-48-6454-6, 978-986-48-6647-2
With part of his "time" lost to a Horologue, the male protagonist, accompanied by his most intimate partner, uses the "Time Covenant" to control time in their fight against the demons. As Chronos Rulers, while battling against these time-eating Horologues, they are also searching for the Horologue who made the deal with the protagonist in an attempt to recover his lost time. However, in the process, they have fallen into a huge conspiracy...
Selling Points
(1) TV animation is broadcasted in 2017. Produced by professional Japanese animation team, Chronos Ruler is voice acted by A-list voice actors/actresses. Aside from formally aired on Japanese TV stations, the comic has even been licensed for airing globally. The first two episodes held a screening in Shinjuku, and large billboards was erected at the Animate Ikebuluro main store and the Akihabara GAMERS main store, which are considered to be the two major animation sanctums in Japan.
(2) Chronos Ruler was initially release on "Jump Heroes", the supplementary edition to "Shonen Jump" in 2012. In 2014, it was serialized on the online platform U17, as well as Mainland China's "OK! Comic," who was the agency representing Shonen Jump of Japan. In 2015, the comic returned to Shueisha's e-platform "JUMP+" for continued serialization, setting a record for simultaneous serialization in both languages. At the present time, the single volume has been licensed and translated into 5 different languages.
Awards& Ranking
12th Golden Dragon Awards (Best Dramatic Comic Category) – Silver Award
Rights Sold
Japanese(SHUEISHA)、簡體中文(Zhejiang Literature & Art Publishing House)、Korean(대원씨아이)、 Chinese (Traditional)(Tong Li)、French(Kana)
About the Author
With amazing high productivity, PONJEA completed this high-quality weekly serialization all by himself. Individual volumes have been published all five major Japanese publishers, including: SHUEISHA, KODANSHA, SQUARE-ENIX, KADOKAWA, and AKITASHOTEN. Related works has been licensed to over 8 languages. His original comic "Chronos Ruler" and light novel-adapted comic "My Isekai Life" have both been adapted into TV anime, broadcasted globally.
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