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ARK SAGA tells the adventures of aterran girl in an alien planet. Through detailing the age gap between the Earthling and the alien as well as illustrating the emotional turmoil that any parent goes through when sending their child away to an alien planet, ARK SAGA explores various family issues, making this title a heartwarming yet action packed fun ride.
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Friendly Land
Publication Date
Aug, 2011
Volume/ Episode
6 (ongoing)
180x128mm/ 184 pages/ paperback
978-986-32-5134-7, 978-986-32-5460-7, 978-986-32-5680-9
Due to the continued deterioration of Earth's environment, the "Project Ark" was created as an attempt to locate a suitable living environment in outer space. A terran girl who took on this mission landed on Planet Sosius one day, and met an adorable cute alien who looks just like a kitty. Worried about his planet being invaded, the Sosiusian tried everything to obstruct the terran girl, which sadly, was only viewed by her as him trying to play a game with her... After a lot more back and forth as well as spending more time together, a friendship slowly formed between the two.
Selling Points
(1) Licensed to 2 languages; serialized on both Kadokawa Taiwan's e-platform "Force Magazine" as well as ManYou Magazine's "Weekly Sci-Fi Illustrations and Comics Show" simultaneously.
(2) 2012 9th Golden Dragon Awards (Best Young Adult Comic) – Winner
Awards& Ranking
2012 9th Golden Dragon Awards (Best Young Adult Comic) – Winner
Rights Sold
Chinese (Traditional)(Friendly Land), Chinese (Simplified)(廣東省出版集團), Promo Comics(Executive Yuan, 2011), Ad(Executive Yuan, 2011), Mobile Games(SQUARE ENIX)
About the Author
With amazing high productivity, PONJEA completed this high-quality weekly serialization all by himself. Individual volumes have been published all five major Japanese publishers, including: SHUEISHA, KODANSHA, SQUARE-ENIX, KADOKAWA, and AKITASHOTEN. Related works has been licensed to over 8 languages. His original comic "Chronos Ruler" and light novel-adapted comic "My Isekai Life" have both been adapted into TV anime, broadcasted globally.
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