Secret Agent Consortium

G, PG-13, R

Breaking away from the established structure of girls' comics preexisting in the minds of the general readers, “Secret Agent Consortium” lays out the emotions and interpersonal relationships between the characters through the telling of a tense and suspenseful crime story. In regards to character setting, the artist adopts a contrasting style to bring out each character, enabling the readers to have a deepened impression of them. A policewoman who seemed soft but actually has a strong personality, the girl who looks like a kid but possesses an IQ and memory that far surpasses a normal adult, the killer who doesn't blink an eye to get the job done but is actually a softie inside, and the elegant gentleman who is actually turned out to be the head of a criminal organization... Such diverse and mesmerizing settings allow each character to stand out on his/her own, which is a major feature of this title.


Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publication Date
Feb, 2015
Volume/ Episode
5 (END)
128x182mm/ 176 pages/ paperback
The oddball girl, the hot-blooded policewoman who's all about fairness and justice, and a wanted criminal with a heavy past... Even with clear-as-day differences in all aspects, the three individuals are somehow brought together by fate. When faced with a criminal together, can there be trust in such an unlikely team that has not a single thread of cohesion among them? Or will they...?
Selling Points
(1) Delicate and elegant art style
(2)Vividly-depicted characters
About the Author
In 2007, the artist received Excellent Choice in the 5th Girls' Comic Short Stories Awards by Tong Li Publishing. In 2011, she started serialization of “Prayers of the Water God,” depicting the love story between a God and a mortal, which was beloved by readers. Known for her soft and delicate art style, the artist creates beautiful characters paired with light costumes while also throwing in surprising comic setting elements, allowing the readers to feel the light heartedness and joy from her work.
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Tong Li Publishing Co., Ltd.
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